Learning & Movement

Addriya.  What’s this all about?

Research shows that learning is significantly enhanced when movement is a part of the activity. Movement engages the senses and stimulates brain activity. The more the senses are engaged, the more learning occurs, and the information learned is better retained.

Since yoga engages the body in the broadest range of movements, it is one of the most ideal disciplines to affect productive learning. As an individualistic and non-competitive exercise, yoga, unlike many other games and sports for children, allows all individuals the opportunity to participate. Participation in yoga has a variety of benefits for children including:

Our mission is to develop and market products with an innovative combination of yoga postures and language development activities designed specifically for preschool, elementary-aged and secondary-school aged children.

Yoga and learning blends the calming, restorative, and stimulating aspects of yogic movements with targeted developmentally appropriate learning goals.

Addriya products are beneficial to educators, specialists, yoga instructors, families, and children.

Educators, including specialists (reading, special education, speech-language pathologists, and occupational therapists, etc.) can use yogic movements integrated into their educational curricula. Yoga facilitates a wide range of movements and can be applied to a broad set of associated learning goals, including vocabulary development, phonemic awareness, basic concepts, sequencing skills, comprehension, and direction following.

Yoga instructors can enhance their kid-centric yoga classes by incorporating learning principals to enhance and expand the learning opportunity by doing child-friendly poses with ties to specific educational and language activities. Students will not only receive the calming and restorative benefits of yoga, but they will be learning as well!

Parents can benefit by introducing calming exercise sequences while simultaneoulsy supporting learning activities for their children.  Yoga is something the whole family can do together.

And lastly, but most importantly, students reap the benefits of the combined learning activities and yoga exercises.