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Shake, Shake Shake and Relax.  Here’s is a really great presentation, by Dr.  Heather Bilton, Ed. D. , NBCT, on the importance of developmentally-appropriate movement experiences in young children.  Dr. Bilton’s presentation, Shake, Shake, Shake and Relax. . . , focuses on options to  increase gross motor development, coordination, balance, and relaxation for children. 

We are greatly appreciative that Dr. Bilton shared this presentation with Addriya and that she included some of the Learn With Yoga ABC Yoga Flash Cards in her talk.  This presentation is in PowerPoint 2003 format. You will need PowerPoint to view this presentation.

Kids Yoga: Implementing Yoga into Speech-Language Pathology. 
Slide presentation given by Christine Ristuccia, MS, SLP, RYT on Implementing Yogic Techniques into Speech-Language Pathology, at the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) convention in Philadelphia, PA, Nov, 2010.

This presentation addresses the benefits of using yoga and yogic techniques with children with speech-language disorders and delays. How yoga affects the relaxation response and how calming is critical to de-stressing and combating anxiety is included. Specific exercises such as purposeful breathing, chair yoga and fun games are included. This is a slide only version. There is no audio.


Research Articles on Yoga and Children

Annotated bibliography for evidence-based yoga articles and research studies. Where available links directly to the research is provided. To view click on the category link. If you have suggestions on articles please e-mails us at

Reducing Stress for Children through Yoga

Yoga & Children with Special Needs

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Yoga Programs for Children & Miscellaneous Yoga Info

Yoga Wellness & Relaxation for Children


Yoga Articles by Addriya and Friends

25 Reasons Why Yoga, Speech and Language Go Together (2010),  by Christine and James Ristuccia.

Sensory Integration and How Yoga Helps (2010) by Mira Binzen. 

Mira Binzen is a certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist and co-founder of Global Family Yoga ( ), a teacher-training program based in Chicago, focusing on children and families. This article in a simple way helps explain how some children have difficulty processing sensory imput and how yoga might help those chilren adjust the “volume” of the imput of their enviroment. 



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