Sarah Herrington Interview, Author of OM Schooled, on Mind-Body-Green

Posted by: on April 27, 2012

Sarah Herrington teaches Kids Yoga

At Addriya, we are please to bring your attention to a great interview on Mind-Body-Green of Sarah Herrington, author of OM Schooled.  

Addriya will be publishing OM Schooled very soon.

The interview by Lindsey Toledo highlights the journey taken by Sarah in becoming a full-time yoga city in a New York City public school.  She spent 3 years as a full time yoga instructor, right along with math and science.   She has a wealth of experience in implementing a kids yoga program and all the challenges faced with bring yoga into schools.   T

As Sarah says in the interview:

OMSchooled is a book for yoga teachers, classroom educators and anyone interested in sharing yoga with youth and promoting it in our school systems. It is a teacher’s guide but also filled with personal stories. OMSchooled grew out of years of teaching kids’ yoga as a full time, on staff yoga teacher in a NYC public school, as well as teaching in studios and privates. When I began, teaching 5-7 classes a day 5 days a week, I read every book and watched every DVD I could. While these materials helped me, I still found I needed guidance in making yoga lesson plans, combining yoga with classroom management, elevating the educational standards of yoga programs, and tips for bringing yoga philosophy to 5-year-olds. As I continued to learn through teaching I began writing OMSchooled to hopefully help others interested in this work, and to share more yoga with more youth!”

To read the entire interview, click here.

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