St. Patrick’s Day Yoga

Posted by: on March 14, 2011


Looking for an interesting yoga twist this week?    ‘Top o’ the morn’g to you!

 With everything awash in green this week for St. Patrick’s Day, it’s a good time to be reflective on qualities of the heart, such as compassion, empathy, kindness, acceptance and tolerance.  What’s the connection?  The color green is typically associated, in the energy centers of the body, with the heart center. From our heart pours forth the many wonderful qualities that make us human and our ability to relate to one another. 

 Challenge your students this week to reflect on they relate to one another or even themselves.   

 Are you tolerant of other people, their views, and their origins?  How do you show tolerance?

 Have you been kind this week? How can you show kindness?

 Have you been compassionate this week? How can you show compassion?

 What is empathy?  How do you show empathy?

Does wearing green help us in our efforts to be better humans to show compassion, tolerance and kindness?  Reflect on this: Think of all the green you’ll see this week that cause you to chuckle or bring a smile to your face (“Kiss Me I’m Irish!”). If we all smiled more, we’d all be more compassionate.    

To stimulate and cultivate our heart center try poses that work the torso and arms.  Flying Bird Pose (also called Ego Eradicator) is great for building heart-centered emotions. 

The key for this pose is to keep your spine straight and elongated. Elevate your arms at a 60 degree angle with thumbs pointing to the sky.  

1. Sit up straight and tall, lengthening up through your spine. Lift shoulders up and back like bird wings. 2. Curl your fingers into your palms and point your thumbs up to the sky.

 3. Inhale and lift your arms overhead in a”Y” shape at a 60 degree angle (from the floor). Keep your shoulders pressed down and away from your ears.

 4. Close your eyes maintain the position and continue to breathe in and out deeply and powerfully for 1 minute.

 5. To end, inhale deeply and hold your breath for as long as you can comfortably. Bring your thumbs together and touch over your head. Exhale and raise your fingers up toward the sky.

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