Yoga Lesson Plan-Steadiness

Posted by: on February 3, 2011

Forward Bends, Hip Opening and Twists

Introduction:  Having a yoga story or theme before a yoga class can help both students with listening and recalling of a story. The can also visualize and identify metaphors from nature. Using a theme word such as Steadiness alos facilitates a new vocabulary word for the day.   

Story:  The Tortoise and The Hare

Read the story to the children or summarize the story since most have heard the story already.

Theme:  Steadiness

Lesson:  Remeber your own power and steadiness.

We improve on a daily basis and we can get better especially with practice and effort. 

Tuning in:  Close you eyes and breathe in and out steadily like the gentle waves of the ocean. 

Suggested Poses:  These are some of the poses that you can use to facilitate the story.  The forward bend series is calming for the nervous system and can be used to trigger the relaxation response in the body.  The exercsies and specific instructions can be found the  Learn with Yoga ABC Yoga Cards For Kids  and the Yoga For Small Spaces card decks. Click on the picture on the right for a PDF version of the poses. 


Downward Facing Dog

Seated Forward Fold

Seated Twist

Thread The Needle


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