The Kids Yoga Resource Review: ABC Yoga Cards

The Kids Yoga Resource from the folks at Child Lite Yoga recently posted a review of the Learn With Yoga: ABC Yoga Cards for Kids.

We loved this quote: “Our opinion? A big thumb’s up!”

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Huff and Buff Review of ABC Yoga Cards


Huff and Review of ABC Yoga Cards for KidsRecently I was introduced to the Learn with Yoga: ABC Cards for Kids. Developed by speech pathologist and yoga instructor, Christina Ristuccia, these yoga cards consist of an innovative combination of yoga postures and language development activities designed specifically for children ages three and up. The set is designed to enhance learning through physical activity. Research shows that when teaching is accompanied with movement, more senses are engaged and greater learning and information retention occurs.

The Learn with Yoga: ABC Cards for Kids includes 26 easy to read 5×7 cards for the child as well as companion instructor cards with verbal cues, skill questions and language development questions. Each of the cards highlights a specific pose with a vibrant picture for visual reference. The top left hand corner also displays the upper and lower case letter of the alphabet. The back of each card explains the benefits of each pose and provides the verbal cues to correctly achieve the pose. Each of the cards is color coded depending on what behavior each card is designed to foster. 

The Learn with Yoga: ABC Cards for Kids are a great tool designed to benefit educators, yoga instructors and parents. As a parent, I truly appreciate these cards. In a day and age where childhood obesity is a major concern, I am always looking for ways to promote physical activity and instill healthy habits in my daughter’s life. Plus, these yoga cards have the added benefit of incorporating learning into the process. And my daughter, who is always asking to ”workout with mommy” and loves learning and reciting her ABCs, took to them right away. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the Learn with Yoga: ABC Cards for Kids also provided a treasured bonus: a fun mother-daughter bonding experience. I highly recommend them.

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Working Mother Magazine-Child Fitness: ABC’s for Yogis

Review of ABC Yoga Cards for KidsWorking Mother Magazine featured the Learn With Yoga: ABC Yoga Cards for Kids in their Dec /Jan issue.

Boost your child’s flexibility—and reading and vocabulary skills—with these alphabetical exercises from ABC Yoga Cards for Kids.

You can peek at the online version by clicking here for the feature on Child Fitness: ABC’s for Yogis 

Today’s Diet & Nutrition Magazine Features ABC Yoga Cards for Kids

September 2, 2010 No Comments » Blog

Today’s Diet & Nutrition Magazine is featuring the Learn With Yoga:  ABC Yoga Cards for Kids in the current (Sept.) issue.  See the write up on page 21.