Upside Down Pose Turns Frenetic Energy into Focused Energy

I taught a 3rd grade yoga class this week at an elementary school utilizing both the ABC Yoga Cards  and Yoga For Small Spaces Cards.  The kids had been sitting in their chairs for an hour or more.  When I got there to teach, the energy was frenetic and almost hostile.  I instructed a few calming poses, and the kids were not happy with the poses.  I had them go outside along a long wall and demonstrated Upside down pose.  Their was excitement and a the kids were inquisitive about how to improve the pose.  After we were done, we went back into the classroom.  The kids were asking me more questions about yoga and their energy was restored to calm, yet focused energy.

Yoga for Small Spaces is Editor’s Pick in Sept. Today’s Diet & Nutrition Magazine.

Yoga for Small Spaces is Editor's pick in Sept. Today's Diet & Nutrition Magazine. We are pleased that Yoga for Small Spaces was recognized as an editors Pick in Today’s Diet & Nutricion Magazine. 

Yoga for Small Spaces is a tool that lets you practice yoga no matter where you are or how little room you have in which to move.”

Where do you like to do yoga? Where’s a place you would like to do yoga ,but never have?

Yoga for the Masses: Chicago Sun-Times Review of Yoga for Small Spaces

How can yoga be made more accessible for the masses? 

Tammy Chase of the Chicago Sun-Times includes a review of  Yoga for Small Spaces in her article looking at new products to make yoga accessible for all. 

 “Yoga for Small Spaces may be the perfect antidote to that sluggishness that inevitably arises during long, boring work conference calls.”

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Review of Yoga for Small Spaces

Review of Yoga for Small Spaces

Bailey Shiffler posted a great review of the Yoga for Small Spaces yoga cards on-line for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
“The colorful cards are a great yoga foundation”