The Kids Yoga Resource Review: ABC Yoga Cards

The Kids Yoga Resource from the folks at Child Lite Yoga recently posted a review of the Learn With Yoga: ABC Yoga Cards for Kids.

We loved this quote: “Our opinion? A big thumb’s up!”

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ABC Yoga Cards for Kids a Must Have Resource

By Donna Freeman,

ABC Yoga Cards for Kids Review on Yoga in My

I teach a lot of pre-school to Grade 3 students and am always developing fun, engaging, and educational yoga classes for this age group. When I received a set of the Learn With Yoga ABC Yoga Cards for Kids I knew this resource was a winner.

Conveniently packaged in a sturdy box, these 52 over-sized cards (two for each letter of the alphabet) are easy to use, kid friendly and packed with educational potential. I’ve used this card deck extensively over the past month. Every time it has been a hit with students, educators and parents, many of whom have asked where they can pick up their own set.

Research shows that learning is enhanced through movement. The ABC Yoga Cards for Kids helps parents, teachers and yoga instructors develop age and ability appropriate lessons which are fun and meaningful.

What sets this card deck apart is the accompanying instructor card which corresponds to the pose card. Here you’ll find all kinds of helpful suggestions for developing reading readiness, questions to stimulate further discussion and inquiry, and early learning skills helps such as categorization, attributes, opposites and spatial concepts.

Developed by Christine Ristuccia, a Speech-Language Pathologist, this deck of cards goes above and beyond the ABCs of yoga for young children. To truly explore the many ways this resource can be applied to language learning Ristuccia has poured an immense amount of knowledge and skill into the accompanying ABC Yoga Card for Kids Instructor Guide. What I really appreciate is the breakdown of exactly how to use yoga to enhance language skills into ages, from 12 months to 8 years old. I swear the entire Chapter 2 of this manual is highlighted in my copy. . . . Read the complete review by Donna Freeman of by clicking here. 

Yoga in My School is also sponsoring a free contest to win free Yoga Cards.  Details are found here.

Here’s a review by Donna Freeman of

Yoga and Speech-Langauge Pathology Presentation

Here are slides from Christine’s presentation at the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) annual convention in Philadelphia Nov 2010. This presentation reviews the benefits of yoga and yogic exercises, such as breathing techniques, that can be employed to help remediate speech and language disorders in children.

The presentation addresses the benefits of yoga on kids and especially those receiving speech and language services from speech-language pathologists (SLP). Children with disordes such as articulation, language, autism specturm, ADD, ADHD, fluency can all benefit from yogic exercises which reduces anxiety and lowers stress levels resulting in more attentive, more task-focused and more retentive children.

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