Yoga for After School Meltdowns.

September 28, 2010 No Comments » Blog

Yoga is a great tool to calm your kids down.  I was playing with my Flip camera yesterday and got Matt on film.  I think this is s good before and after comparison.  He was noticably calmer after 15 minutes of yoga.

Yoga — A Reset Button for Kids

September 23, 2010 No Comments » Blog
Yoga is an amazing tool to use as an after-school reset button for children  In fact, it can be done by the entire family.  Even just 10 minutes of doing yoga poses that are restorative such as:

Downward Facing Dog Pose

Table Top
Cat * Cow
Downward Facing Dog
Forward Fold
Quiet Pose
X Marks the Spot
Yogic Sleep

This poses can really restore children back to his or her normal self.  I usually have the kids hold the poses for 3-5 seconds. I also cue the breathing: Inhale come into forward fold, now exhale and release. Try this with your kids and see the response.