Yoga, Kids and OT

April 1, 2011 No Comments » Blog

How do yoga, kids and occupational therapy (OT) go together?  They fit together like hand in glove, say an article in a recent issue of Advanace Magazine.  

Summarizing how yoga may assist in helping treat children with occupational issues such as sensory integration and developmental disorders, this article is informative for parents and caregivers in understanding the link between yoga and learning.  The article, by Christine and James Ristuccia and Amanda Gretsch, is featured in the March 14th, 2011 issue of Advance Magazine for Occupational Therapists.

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Yoga With a Twist – An Occupational Therapist’s Perspective

November 16, 2010 No Comments » Blog

Promoting health and wellness in the school setting.

by Melissa C. Fedosh

The author, an occupational therapist and registered yoga teacher, offers a “unique yoga program [ for kids]-Yoga with a Twist®–that incorporates the promotion of health and wellness in the school and community for children and youth.”

Occupational therapists are among the foremost promoters of using yoga in therapy.  Yoga, the author states ” is a great form of exercise and the benefits are wonderful at any age. Yoga is a social activity that is a great form of exercise that positively impacts physical and emotional health. A structured yoga class is a wonderfully rich sensory experience and can help open the lines of commutation, ultimately helping children learn functional coping strategies for dealing with stressful life situations.”

The author offers several unique yoga exercises including “What is in your sandwich?” stretch and “apple picking” stretch that can be used with a variety of age groups. 

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Original Source: Advance for Occupational Therapy Practitioners