Providence Journal Review

Pamela Reinsel Cotter from the Providence Journal reviewed Yoga for Small Spaces.  Yes you can do yoga on a plane!

Yoga for the Masses: Chicago Sun-Times Review of Yoga for Small Spaces

How can yoga be made more accessible for the masses? 

Tammy Chase of the Chicago Sun-Times includes a review of  Yoga for Small Spaces in her article looking at new products to make yoga accessible for all. 

 “Yoga for Small Spaces may be the perfect antidote to that sluggishness that inevitably arises during long, boring work conference calls.”

The Kids Yoga Resource Review: ABC Yoga Cards

The Kids Yoga Resource from the folks at Child Lite Yoga recently posted a review of the Learn With Yoga: ABC Yoga Cards for Kids.

We loved this quote: “Our opinion? A big thumb’s up!”

The read the complete review from The Kids Yoga Resource, click here.

Fit Bottomed Mamas: Active Learning With ABC Yoga Cards Review of ABC Yoga Cards for KidsAfter my discussion earlier this week of crazy-swinging-baby yoga, I thought I’d share a more sane approach to kids’ yoga! I received the Learn With Yoga ABC Yoga Cards for Kids to check out, and I must say, I loved this approach to beginner yoga (for kids and beginner adults alike!).

Designed for kids ages 2 and up, the brightly colored cards combine yoga poses with age-appropriate learning. The cards show a pose for each letter of the alphabet and include verbal cues telling parents how to help the young yogi strike the pose. The cards also include questions related to each pose to teach kids about letters, syllables, rhyming, parts of the body, categorization, spatial concepts and definitions of words related to the pose.

Although my little one is still too young for these cards, I can’t wait to try them out with her as a fun activity later. The cards help kiddos get active and learn about yoga, while the questions and discussionsprevent yoga from being boring for kids by engaging them in the learning process. (What kid wants to stay in a pose for very long and concentrate on breathing?) Plus, there are so many questions included for each letter that you could ask just a few about each pose and go through the entire alphabet numerous times before repeating any. Some of the questions will even test your adult brain—seriously, what rhymes with archer? (Marcher?) And while there are many standard yoga poses like cat-cow and down dog, there are others that are just goofy and fun, like Pizza Pie and Windshield Wiper Legs, and a parent’s favorite letter Q—for Quiet. —Erin

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