Yoga for Girls: Benefits for Tweens and Teens

January 4, 2011 No Comments » Blog

NYC kids and teens yoga expert Sarah Herrington joins us to talk about the benefits of yoga for tween and teenage girls. The transition from little girl to grown woman often results in a crisis in confidence as young women face media manipulation, uncertain moral standards, heavy peer pressure, academic & career dilemmas. Yoga can help. Tune in to discover how yoga can improve body image, reduce stress, fight depression and much more. A must listen for anyone with young women in their lives! Interviewer is Donna Freeman of Yoga in My School.

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Original Air Date: January 3, 2011
Original Source: Elephant Journal

"Phone-Crack" Inhibits Learning

October 17, 2010 No Comments » Blog

It’s so easy.  It’s accessible.  It’s keeps them quiet.

The iPhone, iPad or any other of many similar communication devices.

For parents the interactivity of the object seems educational, so it’s easy to rationalize that it’s good or at least doing no harm.

For the generation rasied on TV, the Internet and now mobile devices — live TV anywhere–it’s the go-to pacifier.  Who isn’t dazzeled by all the button and the instant gratification of the latest generation of electronic magic.

I’m reading more and more that says it’s not all the great and can be even be harmful.  An article in the New York Times today, titled Toddlers’ Favorite Toy: The iPhone  just affirms that we are stiffling our kids creativity and possibly messing with the natural wiring of their brains. 

Kids don’t learn like a adults, they learn by slowly by building on the foundation of basic concepts and human interactivity.  Central is learning through language–human language. With a real person.

One quote from the article is really telling: “[kids are] learning to read by understanding language, by listening. Here’s the parent busily doing something and the kid is playing with the electronic device. Where is the language? There is none.” 

Why is this on a site about yoga?  Yoga is about being present. If the kid is playing with Mom’s phone, neither is being present. 

With adults it’s hard enough to stop playing with the phone or turn off the remote. With kids, it might calm them down while they are pressing buttons, but try and take it away or turn it off!   Do you really think that will be easy?   There’s hell to pay.  Now put the kids in front of a set of blocks or Legos.  They can’t compete.  Why would the kid be interested compared to the amazing universe of the iPhone?  But where’s the creativity that the child shows?  Where’s the social interaction behind the learning?

What do you think will better prepare her mind for a lifetime of learning:  Creating a dinosaur out of a bunch of blocks or  pressing  the buttons on a device for a game some adult created?