Fort Worth Star-Telegram Review of Yoga for Small Spaces

Review of Yoga for Small Spaces

Bailey Shiffler posted a great review of the Yoga for Small Spaces yoga cards on-line for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
“The colorful cards are a great yoga foundation”

Valentine’s Day Yoga Lesson Plan: Heart Set

Valentine’s Day Heart Set

Introduction:  Having a yoga story or theme before a yoga class can help both students with listening and recalling of a story. Holidays are a great way to weave themes into your lessons.  Educators may also weave movement into their lessons on holidays.

Holiday: Valentine’s Day

Lesson:  The symobol of Valentine’s Day is the heart.  Ask your students what qualities they associate with “the heart?” Here are some answers you may hear: caring, compassion, tolerance, and love.

These are all positive attributes. Don’t we all want more of this in our lives? Don’t we all strive to project these qualities to others?

To hold these positive qualities we need to make room for them in our life.
Tuning in:  Close you eyes and breathe in and out steadily like the gentle waves of the ocean. 
Suggested Poses:  These are some of the poses that you can use to facilitate the story.  These poses physically work the torso or heart area.  Physically expanding our heart center allows room for all the positive things we think about our heart to enter and stay such as caring, compassion, tolerance and love.

These exercises are all found in the Yoga For Small Spaces card deck.  Here is this list of yoga poses in this set.

Seated Cat*Cow

Komodo Dragon

Open and Close the Door



Seated Camel