Yoga and Grade Improvement


In today’s Daily Mail from the U.K., there’s an interesting article about the impact of yoga in classrooms.  This funded program, is helping kids to relax and calm. The teachers’ claim that grades are improving because of it.  According to, Dave Read, 52, one of several instructors helping the children,. . . yoga into schools isn’t just an ‘airy-fairy’ idea. The former history teacher said: ‘It is ultimately about improving concentration and grades. ‘Children are under increasing pressure and this gives them support.’

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Something Special Magazine: Yoga & Learning Article

Something Special Magazine features the article Yoga & Learning: From a Speech Pathologist by Christine and Jim Ristuccia in the Spring 2011 issue.  The full article on Yoga & Learning: From a Speech Pathologist

Lindsey Lu Review Of Yoga for Small Spaces

by Lindsey Lu

I recently posted about the Learn With Yoga ABC Yoga Cards for Kids (here) and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review the Yoga For Small Spaces Cards! These cards are not specifically for kids but are appropriate for everyone- youngin’s to seniors. The first thing I thought of when I got this set was to use them on an airplane or in a car! What a great way to keep yourself busy- or better yet what a great way to keep your little ones busy!!!!

Another feature that stood out to me was using these for seniors, or anyone in rehab- great way to mix up their routine & keep it interesting and fun. And one more feature I love- great way to introduce kids to exercise without them even knowing their “exercising”!

Card Features
The set contains 52  5” x 7” cards that include verbal cues, modification, benefits, key element, affirmation and skill level are included for each exercise. All the exercises are specifically chosen to be done in a small space like a classroom, office, airplane, or breakroom! Each card includes a full color picture and is color-coded for desired outcomes such as grounding, creativity, inner-strength, tolerance, communication and problem solving.

Quick energizing exercises
Includes stretching to reduce repetitive-stress injury (staring at a computer, driving, typing)
Great indoor activity for rainy days (recess or gym class)
Fun “exercise for the whole family!
To use during transition between subjects in schools

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