Scottish Children Feel Benefits of Yoga

By Catrin Nye 
BBC Asian Network

“Maybe out in the playground someone annoyed you or made you feel cross. You felt that angry feeling inside; I want you to let all of that go.”

Those are the calming whispers of Rachel Carr, teacher at Quarry Brae Primary and newly trained yoga instructor, who has a class of 10 and 11-year-olds huddled in front of her with their legs crossed, eyes closed and thumbs and index fingers forming the yoga Mudra.

The lights are dimmed, a lavender candle is burning nearby and, with a Glaswegian twang, the children chant “Ommmm”.

It is not what you might expect from a classroom in Glasgow’s east end.

Quarry Brae is in Parkhead, a stone’s throw from Celtic football ground, and by the head teacher Sara Adam’s own admission is a deprived area that is finally getting much-needed investment.

 Yoga hits those hotspots because lots of children need movement and breaks in the day when they can get their self discipline back 
Quarry Brae Primary head teacher Sara Adam

In October 2009 the area of Parkhead West and Barrowfield was identified by the Scottish government as the most deprived in Scotland.

Things are on the up though, and rusty swings and litter-strewn parks sit next to new housing developments.

For Quarry Brae Primary teacher Ms Carr and head teacher Mrs Adam, yoga is bringing a calming influence to the children and helping to get them in a mood to learn.

“Perhaps they haven’t got that support for education at home,” explained Mrs Adam.

“They may not be coming out to school ready and settled, which contributes to children learning.

“Yoga combats those issues because lots of children need movement and breaks in the day when they can get their self-discipline back.”

Peace island

Yoga being incorporated into the classroom, with breathing exercises sitting between math and English lessons, is the dream of Scottish Indian couple Sam and Sunita Poddar.

They moved to Glasgow in the 1970s and, after making their fortune in care homes, last year bought an island in Ayrshire called Wee Cumbrae (now Peace Island), which they are busy turning into a yoga retreat. . .  To read the rest of the article click here.

Original Source: BBC News

Yoga Should Be Compulsory in Schools: Says Indian MP

by Pratap Chakravarty – Tue Dec 7, 9:25 pm ET

NEW DELHI (AFP) – An MP in India is lobbying for a law that will make yoga compulsory in the country’s junior schools, where he says it will help with discipline, fitness and dealing with “computer-related stress”.

Satpal Maharaj, 59, from the ruling Congress party, said a recent trip to China had inspired him to push for the law, which would take yoga into India’s 217,000 junior schools where children begin their education at around five.

Interestingly he pointed out that, “Western diseases like computer-related stress have come to India, and yoga at an young age will help reduce these ailments — and besides, it will also encourage children to attend class,” he said.

“We must not think of education only in terms of school examinations,” said Prakash Javadekar, a BJP parliamentarian who backs Maharaj’s project.

“Essential skills for quality life are good habits, discipline, nutrition and physical exercise in various formats,” he told AFP.   To read the entire article, click here.

Original Source: Yahoo News