The Princess & the (Downward-Facing) Dog

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Can yoga combat the limitations of the princess brigade?Yoga and young girls.

That’s the question posed by Melanie Klein in an excellent article commenting on the book Cinderalla Ate My Daughter by Peggy Orstein. The basic premise is that from a very young age, children, especially young girls are bombarded with a cradle-to-grave marketing of the “perfect” image.  This starts simply and inocuous enough with princess costumes but morphs into ugly and severly destructive body-image issues that may last a lifetime.

Yoga, both Ms. Klein and Ms. Orstein posit offers an alternative.  “Yoga is a powerful tool that can facilitate a healthy body image and deflect some of the countless messages aimed squarely at our girls.”

Through yoga the “body image narrative (is shifted) into something more loving, compassionate and forgiving.” Yoga enables the ability to accept one’s body unconditionally and love yourself in the moment. 

Quoting, Shana Meyerson, founder of mini yogis, “yoga is empowering for children (and adults!) because it is virtually one of the only arenas in our life where competition and “perfection” don’t come into play. Effort is essential, not the final outcome.”  

Click here to read the entire article from Elephant Journal.

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